Emmerson real name Emmerson Amidu Bockarie is the dark skin prince from Sierra Leonean republic. Born in Sierra Leone's main Capital city of Freetown, Emmerson discovered music at an early age but the absence of necessary encouragement didn’t propel him. In 2003 shortly after the National conflict, he recorded and released his first single ‘Yu Go See Am’ which was the main seller in the bodyguard compilation volume one. This drew the attention of the CEO of the bodyguard studio (King Fisher), after talks an album was immediately underway, which eventually came out in October 2004, titled Borbor Belleh. It was a political social commentary that changed the face of Sierra Leone’s music industry both home and abroad.'Tutu Party' which made the 3rd track on the album BORBOR BELLEH was an instant hit, it quickly became a massive commercial success which had international acts across the world doing their own versions. Borbor pain another big hit probably close to tutu party was on the second album Tu Foot Arata.

Emmerson's songs overall have been highly successful at home and internationally, with several records to his credit. His career has survived myriads of challenges from certain social situations and figures but as he would say they were all necessary ingredients that made it bloom to what it is today, making him a force to reckon with not just in the music scene, Emmerson’s music as much as it provokes the dance floor can also be highly inspiring as he draws from a rich well of inspiration to leave a motivational spark on the listener.

Emmerson is an entrepreneur with a solemn drive and passion to further the Sierra Leonean music industry to heights matching with the international scene. This has led to him starting an online movement harsh tagged #saloneborbortigi #madeinsalone This is to mobilize fans, viable stake holders and the government to be not just passive listeners or fans but to support and finance the industry to enable its growth, as it is a promising sector which allows youths the opportunity to hone their musical talent, have a profitable career, and share their cultural heritage with the rest of the world. Emmerson has collaborated with several African heavy weights from Africa and still aims at doing more globally.