Emmerson, born Emmerson Bockarie is a Sierra Leonean artist, a globally adored music superstar, who waves throughout Africa and the world, between his native Afro-life styled lyrics and Classic Sierra Leonean Tunes. He constantly introduces vibes that rhythm combining Highlife and Afro Beat pop culture.


Emmerson leads in the transformation of music in his home country with almost two decades as leading revolution and transformation of contemporary music culture in Sierra Leone. Comparatively, Emmerson is rated among other African stars like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido and 2 Face .


Emmerson’s sensitivity to diversity in music began with his upbringing in Freetown, where he was raised by his relatives and had to learn to how to survive by himself and for himself. He lost his father as a little boy and lost his mother in the early years of his music career.

“Bobor Pain” (a slang which eventually ends up becoming one of the title of his hit songs) meaning (Survival Child) clearly defines Emmerson’s early life journey. Which is also a typical example of many other stories of young people and youths only surviving in the country’s broken system and economy.

In 2003 shortly after the National conflict, he recorded and released his first single ‘Yu Go See Am’ which was the main seller in the ‘Bodyguard’ compilation volume one. Produced by the bodyguard studio CEO (King Fisher). Emmerson shortly released the album that gave him a massive following in Sierra Leone. Despite being young, the album bridged a generational gap between the old afro styled music and the new classic afro pop culture, introducing a new vibe that eventually became a culture! With an album titled ‘Bobor Belle’, which was a political social commentary that changed the face of Sierra Leone’s music industry both home and abroad. 'Tutu Party' which made the 3rd track on the album ‘Borbor Belle’  was an instant hit, and quickly became a massive commercial success which had international acts like Beenie Man and others across the world doing their own versions. It was believed that the album influenced the revolution that led to a change of Government in Sierra Leone.



This immediately established Emmerson’s prominence in the West African region and propelled Sierra Leonean music to the world once again.

Emmerson maintained his space on the international scene. After releasing more albums, titled : ‘2 Fut Arata’ (“Two-Legged Rats”, referring to thieving bureaucrats), “Yesterday Betteh Pass Tiday” (“Yesterday Is Better than Today”), “Rise”, “Kokobeh”, “Home and Away”,  “Survivor” (which was also believed to influence a regime change in the country with it’s most popular song: ‘Munku Buss Pan Matches’) and ‘9 Lives’.


Emmerson has reknown collaborations with 2 Face  Idebia (2Baba), Timaya, Phyno, Bracket from Nigeria and Singateh from the Gambia which were believed to have influenced Sierra Leonean sounds to the rest of Africa and the global stage where afro music is played.


His fanbase cuts across. As he satisfies both the young and the aged. Hence the reason why he is often recognized as the most consistent Artist with a true fan following in Sierra Leone. With a massive online presence on all social media forums, notably one of the most followed Sierra Leonean on Social Media.


Emmerson is an influence on big brands  in Sierra Leone. He is the face and Brand Ambassador for two of the nations leading Telecommunication companies Africell and Orange (in order of sequences of partnership). The latter ‘Orange’ being a global multi national Telecommunications company in over 20 countries world wide (Including France, Senegal, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sierra Leone etc).


Emmerson is also an actor as he played the supporting role in the nation’s hit movie ‘Next President’. He also was the executive producer for one of the nation’s biggest hit comedy movies “Sara Lee”.


Emmerson is a major voice for social change in Sierra Leone , supporting UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank Group, IGR, OSIWA and Action Aid.

Emmerson’s music is like a tradition in Sierra Leone and he continues to impact the industry by constantly impacting the new and old media. Like CNN, BBC, Reuters, DW, Aljazera, Fox News, ABC and more.

-The End-